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Covid Policies & Procedures

We thank you for supporting us and following these policies and procedures.


Below are the steps we will be taking for the safety of our students and staff. 

UPDATE-- Children 6 years and older will be required to wear a mask in all common areas as well as restrooms.  They will be allowed to remove their masks during class and workouts only. 


Drop off and pick up procedure:

• Only students and staff are allowed in the facility.

• Drop off your children off in front of the building - ignore the no parking lane for the time being.

• Pick up your children in the back of the building.  Enter from the East side

• Children will be released one at a time to respect the social distancing guidelines. 


Class structure:

To comply with social distancing guidelines, we will be doing the following: 

1) Limiting class sizes to 6

2) Separate stations to ensure distancing

3) Cleaning all mats after each class

4) Limiting spotting by the teacher. Of course, safety will always take precedence. 

5) Preschool classes will be staying in the preschool room to limit interactions  

6) While waiting in line there will be designated spots for children to stand. 

7) Coaches will be wearing masks


Specific to Preschool Classes:

• Students will receive the end of class color page, but WILL NOT receive hand  stamps. 

• Teachers will use the last 5 minutes to dismiss students out the preschool door one at a time.

• Please have your children use the bathroom before arriving at the gym to limit trips in and out of class. 


While we are implementing these new procedures, the class structure will be a little different. There may be a little more standing around/slower rotations to make sure each child gets through the stations properly and safely. We appreciate your understanding as we all make these necessary adjustments. 


Final note:

An updated release and waiver must be submitted before returning to class and can be found by logging into your Jackrabbit account or clicking here

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