dance policies

We are so excited to have you as part of our dance family here at Diamond.  We do require that you follow our dress code and behavior guidelines for class.  These policies help you to focus, create self discipline, and show your responsibility and commitment to your dance training.  Your acceptance of these policies is very helpful in keeping our program one of a kind!  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your instructor or a dance 
program director.

All Classes:
-hair pulled back and secured in a bun or pony-tail away from the face
-no t-shirts, excessively baggy clothing, or street clothing
-no bare midriffs
-no jewelry
-no gum
-please be prompt for your class.  Late arrival is distracting and missing warm ups can be dangerous for the dancer
-please take time to check your child’s dance bag to ensure all necessary items are accounted for weekly
-use the restroom before class to avoid interruptions
-please label all shoes, bags, etc. with your name
-water only in the studios.  any additional beverages or snacks may be consumed in our observation room only
- the shoes required for your class may not be the shoes required for performance.  We will announce these details 
as we get closer to performance time.         
-no running
-no excessive talking in class
-your best manners, please and thank you!

-any color leotard (skirt attached or biketard is fine)
-tights or thin socks
-pink ballet shoes (leather only, no isotoner-type slippers please)
-black tap shoes with elastics (no ties, please)

Ballet Classes:
-black leotard 
- pink tights
-pink ballet shoes (leather or canvas only)
-Ballet 3 + (skirts are allowed)
-bun required

-any color leotard accompanied with jazz pants, skirts, tights, bike shorts
-oxford style tap shoes/neoprene arch jazz shoes

Hip Hop:
-sweat pants or long shorts 
-loose tshirt or tank top
-tennis shoes

Additional Information for ALL STUDENTS!

-we DO NOT have make up classes for missed dance classes (this includes troupe)
- It is Diamond Academy’s policy NOT to have parents in the room with students while they are dancing.  This is to ensure that your child receives a positive dance education free from outside distractions.  Please do not open the door or peek inside the room unless there is an emergency.  We will send your child out to you if she needs to use the restroom.   There will be a parent watch week at the end of each session.