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“wellbodyKC is Focused on the Healthcare of Athletes.

Dr. Randy Goldstein is a Board Certified Pediatrician with a Practice in Sports Medicine. He has taken care of high school, college, and club level teams in Kansas City for over twenty years- as well as consults for several club teams in four states outside the KC metro area. Many prior patients/athletes have reached the pinnacle of their sports career- with dozens of collegiate level athletes, a number of Olympic level gymnasts and swimmers, as well as several professional baseball and soccer players. Dr. Goldstein takes pride in having been a small part of their journey. His goal has always been to treat each athlete- regardless of level or age- as you would expect a champion to be treated- getting them back to sport as quickly and safely as possible and supporting the athlete to reach their goals. Depending on the situation- athletes may be able to modify activity, do physical therapy, and have recommendations made while continuing sport. Athletes needing more specialized care such as radiologic imaging, referrals to other specialists, or those requiring medication can schedule a visit at the clinic within days. wellbodyKC is proud to offer premier level health care for our premier level athletes! “

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